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The history of Fantage starts here.

History[edit | edit source]

Planning for Fantage started in 2006, lasting one year, and development lasted 12 months before getting its first users. The project was headed by current CEO David Hwang, and Peter J. Bae, co-founder and current Vice President of Fantage, Inc. The office was previously located in Palisades Park, New Jersey. Their new office is currently located in Fort Lee, New Jersey. This move was due to a need and demand for a bigger office space to accommodate the growing staff. Recently Fantage, Inc. has created several mobile applications such as, Fantage Bullseye and Fantage IDFone for the iPhone platform.mFantage Bullseye has accumulated nearly 200,000 downloads to date from the iTunes App Store.

Business model[edit | edit source]

Fantage started out as a self-funded organization but received an infusion of capital by Korean online game company Nexon. Initial admission into Fantage is free and users can continue to use it as such; however, premium membership is required to access the full site including most clothing items, rare items, most gems, customization options, and most pets. Users also can purchase eCoins in bulk amounts for set fees to use in-game for micro transactions. eCoins can be used to purchase almost every item. The only items not available for purchase with eCoins are double star coupons and pet eggs (eCoin users can collect all of the pets by purchasing pet codes).Items purchased with eCoins never expire and can be used by the player regardless of membership status.

Information about this event

The Fantage International Party
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Vital statistics
Participants 100
Date 12/1/11
Location Worldwide
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