Fantage Europe was a European version of Fantage. If you where in USA, you could not go into Fantage Europe and must go to the original Fantage website used for USA.

Fantage Europe

Used for...


Is it like Fantage Japan?

Sort of. Fantage Europe did have Nexon, so you need a Nexon ID for Fantage Europe. But it mostly looked and acted like the same exact Fantage website in USA. But, like Fantage Japan, it was closed as well.

What did Fantage Europe have?

Unlike the Original Fantage, Fantage Europe did not have events and hairs and clothes usually came later then Normal Fantage.

Closed at...

July 20, 2011

Can you log in Fantage Europe with a Fantage USA account or Fantage Japan account?

No, You never could since it required a Nexon EU Id


Fantage Europe was the European version of the American Fantage. Fantage Europe is now shared with USA Fantage, and people who had a Fantage Europe account can move there accounts to FantageUSA. For better experiance with Europian users, fantage also added German and French versions of the Website.

Similarities to Fantage Japan and Fantage (Worldwide)

  • They are all part of the Fantage family. They are all recognized Fantage websites.
    • Q: How are they part of the Fantage family? A: The are all recognized Fantage sites.If they were not recognized, they would be the list of Fantage sites that are unrecognized, which is Fantage labor on a recognized Fantage website.
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